The Modeling and Simulation research group at the Mechanical Engineering department of the ETSI Industriales is devoted to the design, analysis and implementation of advanced numerical methods for the simulation of complex problems in solid and fluid mechanics. More specifically, we are interested in:
  • Discretization methods that preserve the laws of thermodynamics. These, so-called, structure preserving methods not only the first and second law of thermodynamics in the systems they approximate, but have proven to be very robust.
  • Fluid/solid interaction. We are interested in lagrangian meshfree methods that can be employed either for incompressible fluids or nonlinear solids.
  • Multiscale material models, and more precisely transport in material at the atomistic scale.

Group news

February 2017: Muesli, the material library developed in our group, has been mentioned in Madri+d blog. See
March 15, 2016: Antonio Martínez Cutillas, Associate Professor at the ETSI Caminos and Structural Engineer at CFC sl, will give the seminar entitled “De Carlos Fernández Casado a CFC sl”, at 12:00 in the Green Room of the ETSI Caminos. More information here.
March 8, 2016: Juan Rodado, lecturer at the ETSII and Director of the Structural Division at Prointec, will give the seminar entitled “Eduardo Torroja, forma y tipos estructurales”, at 12:00 in Room C. More information here.
February 2016: Pablo Antolín, from the Università degli Studi di Pavia, gave the seminar entitled “New developments for locking problems in Isogeometric Analysis: nearly-incompressibility and solid shells” at IMDEA materials.
September 2015: Ignacio Romero gave a plenary lecture in the conference NUNDIFF-14 (Halle, Germany) entitled “Structure-preserving integrators for smooth and non-smooth thermomechanical systems
June 2015: Mauricio Ponga (Caltech) gave a seminar at IMDEA entitled “Understanding Prismatic Dislocation Loops in Mg by means of large-scale ab-initio simulations
June 2015: Ignacio Romero gave a plenary lecture in the XII Finnish Mechanics Days, in Tampere (Finland), entitled “A stabilized, meshless method for the simulation of strongly coupled fluids and nonlinear solids
June 2015: Borja González defended his dissertation entitled “Time multiscale methods for the simulation of slow transport problems in atomistic systems”, with honors
June 2015: David Portillo defended his dissertation entitled “Desarrollo de un método numérico para flujos multimaterial en 2D en ARWEN”, with honors
December 2014: Miguel Urrecha defended his doctoral dissertation entitled “Analysis of Meshfree Methods for Lagrangian Fluid-Structure Interaction”, with honors.